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                                  Cover photo for Video: Applying Foliar Fertilizers to Soybeans


                                  Should you apply a foliar fertilizer to your soybean crop this year? NC State University’s Soybean Extension Specialist, Dr. Rachel …

                                  Cover photo for How Do High Temperatures Impact My Soybeans?

                                  How Do High Temperatures Impact My Soybeans?

                                  Many North Carolina soybean fields got off to a rough start in 2020. Early planted soybeans encountered excessive moisture …


                                  Bollworm Flight Beginning in Some Locations

                                  Two bits of information today tell me that we are likely beginning the main bollworm flight of the year. …


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                                  How do winter crops affect your soybean production? Sixth generation farmer and graduate student, MaKayla Gross, gives us an update …


                                  When soybeans start to flower we need to adjust management practices. Learn how to stage soybeans from R1 to …

                                  Continuing Conducive Environmental Conditions for Diseases in Soybean

                                  Prevalent Seedling Diseases Early planting conditions for soybeans were cool, and wet, which has lead to numerous reports of stand …

                                  Cover photo for Webinar RECORDING: Mid-Season Soybean Management

                                  Webinar RECORDING: Mid-Season Soybean Management

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                                  North West Corn Research and Field Day Video

                                  Want to learn more about NC State’s field research taking place in the NW Piedmont? If you grow corn, …



                                  Have questions about soybean pest management, foliar fertilizer use, or late-planted soybeans? Please join us for a Zoom webinar …


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                                  Cover photo for Spray Conditions Tool for NC ECONet is Live (Cahoon and Everman)

                                  Spray Conditions Tool for NC ECONet is Live (Cahoon and Everman)

                                  Remember to check out the new Spray Conditions Tool for NC ECONet before spraying dicamba products (Engenia, FeXapan, XtendiMax, …

                                  Herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth.

                                  Dicamba Update: EPA Issues Cancellation and Existing Stocks Order (Cahoon and Everman)

                                  In response to the Ninth Circuit Court Appeals’ decision to vacate the registrations of Engenia, XtendiMax, and FeXapan, EPA …


                                  Early Season Kudzu Bug Management During 2020

                                  I tweeted last month that there was no shortage of kudzu bugs around and that I expected some beans …

                                  Cover photo for Behind Planting My Full Season Soybeans: What Maturity Group Can I Use?

                                  Behind Planting My Full Season Soybeans: What Maturity Group Can I Use?

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                                  Cover photo for Failed Cotton Stand....Now What? (Cahoon and Everman)


                                  迅游科技:网络加速服务领先企业 增持评级_中证网:2021-9-5 · 国内领先的互联网实时交互应用加速服务提供商,独创智慧云加速平台(SCAP)。 迅游科技成立于2021年,是国内第一家专业网游加速服务提供商。


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                                  Interested in learning more about freeze damage and what to look for in your corn, soybeans, and small grains? Please …

                                  Cover photo for Assessing Freeze Injury in NC Grain Crops Webinar

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                                  Do you have any potential freeze injury in your grain crops after the recent cool temperatures? Trying to make …


                                  Planting Soybeans With Cool Weather on the Horizon

                                  We have had several questions in the past 24 hours about continuing to plant soybeans this week with cool …

                                  Graph of the lack of effect of plant populations on soybean yield.

                                  Making Smart Soybean Replanting Decisions

                                  Making the decision to replant soybeans can be a challenge. Knowing the facts about your existing soybean stand and …

                                  Cover photo for Early Planted Soybean Webinar RECORDING

                                  Early Planted Soybean Webinar RECORDING

                                  Are you considering planting soybeans in NC soon? Please see this recording of our recent webinar on early planted soybeans. If …

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